Saturday, April 20, 2013

From "The Daily Cross" to "A Door A Day"

Gallery 135 is exhibiting all 366 photographs from my Daily Cross project starting on March 23.  Artists nationwide and from ten countries worldwide have been participating and will be on display until the end of April.  This project has been well loved and was on display during the season of lent. It also greatly enhanced the Good Friday Meditation Service.

The Daily Cross project gave me an incentive to watch my surroundings more closely.  After the project was finished I longed for the discipline of looking for a perfect object to photograph.  So on January first, I started a new project called A Door A Day.  Again I am posting one picture every day (this time of a door) on Facebook and I am leaving Sundays open for contributions of friends and visitors worldwide.  If you are interested in participating, please email your photograph to and observe the many doors that are already on display at A Door A Day

Doors and gates do say a lot. They all lead to somewhere.  I hope to convey that Jesus is the door. No matter how the door looks to us from the outside, it is through Him that we enter the kingdom of God.

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