Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Cross in a Beijing Gallery

My third trip to China was phenomenal.  The first stop was in Guangzhou, one of China’s southern cities, where I taught several art classes in Christian schools.  Once again, it was very exciting to see how hungry the young people of China are for opportunities to express the redemptive work of Christ in creative ways.  I was also delighted when I found out that the principal of one of the schools, who had befriended me during an earlier trip, was opening up an artist salon.  I was invited to share at the opening about the special role of the Christian artist in society.  A dozen local artists attended. The discussion that followed was very engaging – and it definitely challenged my interpreter!
After Guangzhou, I flew to Beijing where I set up my exhibit at a gallery in the 798 “art zone.”  798 is a bit like New York City’s Soho was in the 70’s.  Factories that used to make ammunition have been converted into art galleries.  It’s a very cool place with a vibrant atmosphere and lots of artistic activity.
The exhibit featured my "Stations of the Cross" banners and my "Flavor of Salt" installation.  Attendance at the opening was great, with a half-and-half mix of Christians and non-Christians.  There were also representatives from the press and China’s diplomatic corps.  

On the last day of the exhibit, I gave a lecture and then took questions from the group.  There was lots of interest in the connection between faith and art.

This all was made possible by George, a Chinese art critic and curator that I met through a mutual friend online.

The Stations of the Cross
The Flavor of Salt
After the lecture

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