Saturday, July 3, 2010

What do China's Christians have to learn about art?

This is a troubling title. It's a challenge I am faced with right now. I have been invited to speak at Christian Teachers' meeting in Guangzhou, China, and at a National Christian Teachers' Conference in an undisclosed location, also in China. Both are Underground meetings. The topic of my speech is: Infinite Creativity.
China has a rich art history of which I have to admit I am very ignorant. At the same time the believers in the house churches that I met last year can't wait for me to get back to them. They are hungry for anything that comes from Jesus. Isn't He the creator of everything?
The first thing that God does in Genesis 1:1 is to create. And today, He creates still. Every life, everything that is new comes from Him. He even breathes fresh life into those who are dead. The end of the story? A brand new, sparkling and beautiful Jerusalem, created and inhabited by God, will be coming down from the clouds. God is the source of infinite creativity and my goal is to connect the teachers at the conference to that source.


  1. and I will pray for that to happen.

  2. There is a global movement within the body of Christ to reclaim art as a rightful means of giving expression to the divine. By going to China as an agent of this movement, you are helping to ensure that the believers there have the similarly rightful opportunity to participate in this global movement. That is, you are ministering communality across the body.

    You are, in other words, a "catholic" missionary!